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Post officers for 2021 - 2022


Commander - Glen Bradley

1st Vice Commander - Robert Turnbow

2nd Vice Commander -Rendell Whigham

Adjutant - Jeffery Boynton

Financial Officer -  Melissa McBride

Service Officer  - Paul Smith

Chaplain - John Denning

Sergeant @ Arms - Mark Valyan

Historian - David Mcdowel

Child Welfare Officer - Jose Rodriguez

Judge Advocate - Richard Vann Tries


Present Past Commander - Gary Alston


Executive Committee Members:

John Swanson

David Davis

Garey Moore

Jim Cordelll

Derby Jones


Past Commander's


Gary Alston 2020-2021

Dan Webb 2019-2020

Gary Alston 2016-2019

Don Guillory  2014-2016

Bob Boyles 2012-2014

Ruth Sholler 2011-2012

Patrick Yancey 2008-2011

Gerald Blakenship 2007-2008

Frank Wilder 2006-2007

Don Guillory 2004-2006

Joe Anselmo 2002-2004

Hall Manager - Gary Alston

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